Beware fake Cancer Charities! 

 Beware fake Cancer Charities! Chemo therapy has never worked, the toxic effects make patients die earlier.   Chemo toxins damage liver cells– overworked cleaning out chemo toxins. As soon as the liver is damaged by chemo toxin medics’ lie ‘the cancer has spread to your liver.’ Truth the chemo toxins damaged the liver beyond repair. Unsuspecting patients die, murdered by Quack Consultants & Fraudulent  Charities 
FACT 455  die of cancer everyday in UK! 166,000/year!  It is not news for the BBC, Presenters, Press TV, MPs or Government’
Cancer Charities, Medics, Chemo Drug Firms & NHS, make fortunes on “No cancer cure myth”   They have a vested interest to suppress knowledge of our free safe cancer cure. Should medics killing patients with Chemo Toxins be prosecuted for culpable homicide?
Lynda Bellingham A cheerful celebrity – cancer patient, said she ‘switched off the chemo, as she could not cope with the pain/suffering, nor was chemo doing her any good, it has now affected her liver & lungs, leaving her little hope’. We idd our best to contact her to give her our drug free, fee free 1 hr cure’. Sadly all our efforts were thwarted. In Lynda’s last TV interview, she said, ‘after chemo switch off, she regained some energy. We offer our condolences to her family, hope and pray that her loss might be a blessing to cure millions of cancer patients, by simple  HIAF – Heat Induced Artificial Fever in one’s own home, with no side effects, no costs & no fees.
Lets move forward! Safe Cancer Cure in 1 hr is HIAF = Heat Induced Artificial Fever!

HIAF is precise temp control of human body cocooned from ‘below chin – essential’  body, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands to finger tips & hips legs to toe tips, (at a temp 38.0 to 38.5 deg C) on top of an electric under-blanket* & beneath an electric duvet* for a 1 hour. (*Michael pays / supplies electric under-blanket* & electric duvet*). Cancer cell replication stops. Replication, each  cancer cell divides to make 2 cells, again & again. With no replication all cancel cells die in less than 1 hour. Dead cancer cells trigger antibody production, patient is immunised to that strain. HIAF is safe, no medication, drugs, injections, surgery, pain & no fees. No one needs their doctor’s approval to buy & use electric blankets/duvets. Michael has used his precise knowledge of temperature to invent the cancer cure –  , as well as safe, free cures for all virus infections. It is well known that incubation temperature  of crocodile eggs decides the gender. The Weakness of  Viruses.  Doctors & Medics don’t know that :- a) Life span of a Virus  is less than 1 hour. b) For a virus strain to survive there must be replication or mitosis. c) Replication, each virus cell divides into  2. The 2 make 4. 4 make 8, & so on. d)When the virus count is high, the body’s last defence is a fever. Why? e) Fever temperature stops replication only, not kill virus, they die any way in 1hour.       If fever temp is held# for 1 hr, all viruses die & body is left with all Dead Viruses. g) All  Dead Viruses start production of anti-bodies that immunise patient.  h) Anti-bodies kill infections from that strain of virus – patient is immunized. MCC – Malignant Cancer Cells NB. There are some basic differences between Viruses & MCC  – Malignant Cancer Cells:- Both use replication to rapidly divide & multiply Virus an external source – Pathogen, trigger a last defence  – fever to stop Replication. Malignant Cancer Cells, internally sourced, seldom trigger a fever  response. So cancer cures essentially requires a HIAF – Heat Induced Artificial Fever. HIAF ideally comprise a precision temp control of 2 electric duvets to cocoon neck, body, limbs, including fingers & toes,  kept within duvets for 4 hours maximum. a) Do not cover top of head/brain, or hypothalamus – brain thermostat lowers fever. b) Precision temp control ensures fever temp  –  38C  to 39C to stop MCC Replication. c) Fever stops replication, if held for 2 hrs max all Malignant Cancer Cells are dead. d) Patient is cured with no side effects, drugs, or surgery needed. Q. How does one know when patient is cured? A. Simple when patient gets their full energy back indefinitely they are cured! If patient is given hot soups/food/tot of rum it helps Core Temp / Fever Cure. Many cancer patients are cured by heavy core heating exercise in warm clothes. Fever temperatures generated & held for 2 hrs can stop cancer cell Replication. When all malignant cancer cells die, antibodies are produced & give immunity.  Above & HIAF  Cancer Cure is given Free of Charge to the World. Our reward is receiving confirmation that our  HIAF cure saved lives of fellow humans. After success/cures, we will accept voluntary donations as tokens of appreciation. Phone Inventor Michael on  +44 (0) 208  998 6372,  or +44 (0) 208 998 3540, with questions on free cures.  Please no emails except to send:- your name, status & contact Telephone / Mobile number –